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RE: "Movement" voting - Sneakerphile - 03-09-10

I'm afraid mine has to go to FC.

RE: "Movement" voting - SenorDragon - 03-09-10

A tough one, but FC for me as well.

RE: "Movement" voting - GeeBee - 03-09-10

Dregz for me, strong showing all round though - partly because his trampoline shot was cool too.
Best of luck to you all, you're all winners . . . etc etc . . .

RE: "Movement" voting - sab - 04-09-10

I voted for dregz the other day. I am now proper gutted my friends just anounced a trampoline party on the 18th re open the comp please. Very Happy

RE: "Movement" voting - citysupes - 04-09-10

Go team dregz! Wink

RE: "Movement" voting - dregz - 09-09-10

The competition was fierce and i came so so close, but I take pleasure in being the first to congratulate FC on winning this event. notworthy

(I'll get you next time fc, next time i tell you! Razz)

RE: "Movement" voting - mr.pure - 09-09-10

Totally forgot about this.
I'll be in touch for your details Mr Cod.


RE: "Movement" voting - Lurkzilla - 09-09-10

Well done FC thumbup

RE: "Movement" voting - Big J - 09-09-10

Totally missed this thread, so never voted, but as FC won anyway it doesn't matter. All good shots, but Dregz' was my second favourite.

RE: "Movement" voting - Tony L4 - 09-09-10

Well done FC

RE: "Movement" voting - flyingcod - 09-09-10

Bloody hell! Shocked

Right firstly many thanks to all that have voted, I did this out of one daft thought that no one had done anything with the underworlds and they are one of the most photogenic soops (IMHO).

However I never thought jumping off some rocks would win, but again many thanks, and thumbs up to dregz, a very worthy competitor but even to be in the shortlist got me all chuffed.

If your coming to the meetup on the 25th Sept the first round's* on me.

BTW Mr P, Mrs FC took the pics so she wants to know what she's won! Very Happy

fc sends love to all

*of half pint soft drinks

RE: "Movement" voting - ez-1 - 09-09-10

Congrats FC. What did he win? Our endless respect for sure but is there something else?

RE: "Movement" voting - mr.pure - 09-09-10

Yeah, there'll be something else.
The quality of the photos has spurred me on and relegated the original prize of something a bit Superstarish to the second bedroom.
Not certain what will replace it but it will have come from my own fair hand.

RE: "Movement" voting - ez-1 - 09-09-10

King Pure the Generous!

RE: "Movement" voting - Lurkzilla - 09-09-10

I will throw in a clock for the next prize if that's any help?