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"Movement" voting - mr.pure - 02-09-10

Bit contentious this but there it is.
The 3 active Moderators voted and this was kind of the consensus view.
Although some shots were excellent they perhaps didn't really encompass the "movement" side of things.
Gotta say, it was a sticky subject and very hard not to have 7 options in here.

[Image: P1030697.jpg]

Flying Cod.
[Image: SSDB_03.jpg]

Sneaker 52.
[Image: 08974b9c.jpg]

[Image: movementu.jpg]

A special mention goes to Sab for taking a shit.
Niko, would love to have you in there but can't be condoning dangerous activities like that, it'd only spur other people on in future.
Poor Sod, goes without saying, a great picture.
Pukkabruv, shame the shoe wasn't in focus.
And last but not least, Liberace, errrrrrr, I mean Steve-O.
Quality shot as usual but then, you are a professional.


Voting closes midnight GMT next Wednesday.

RE: "Movement" voting - Sneakerphile - 02-09-10

What about me, don't I get a "thanks for playing", or even a bendy bully Sad

RE: "Movement" voting - Teaj - 02-09-10

Thanks for playing mate!

How about making this a poll?

RE: "Movement" voting - nikosg - 02-09-10

How about we say I was in the passenger seat? Wink

RE: "Movement" voting - Lurkzilla - 02-09-10

Well done everyone who made it into the last 4, I know my vote now where can I put it?

RE: "Movement" voting - mr.pure - 02-09-10

Yeah, great, thanks for playing.
Sheesh, some children are so demanding.
I'm so dippy at the moment.

RE: "Movement" voting - spitey - 02-09-10

whose the 3 moderators? whats moving about EZ`s photo. (no offence EZ). what times dinner..........Confused

RE: "Movement" voting - mr.pure - 02-09-10

Me, Streak and Ollie.
I seriously doubt Ez's balloon was stationary.

RE: "Movement" voting - ez-1 - 02-09-10

I have to confess. Air speed was zero BUT ground speed was about 9 mph horizontal (I think) plus some vertical movement but I don't have proof for that Smile

RE: "Movement" voting - Poor Sod - 02-09-10

FC's the best IMO. He's moving and he managed to do something interesting with the material of the supes. Five stars from me! Very Happy

RE: "Movement" voting - spitey - 02-09-10

Apologise EZ. you can`t beat a bit of balloon action. Laughing

RE: "Movement" voting - flyingcod - 02-09-10

Thanks PS, I've voted for Dregz dazzling light show. Cool


RE: "Movement" voting - pukkabruv - 02-09-10

this is properly hard.. can we only have one vote each?... i really liked a lot of the images.. but as the theme was "movement" i think its gotta be FC for me.. quality pic and the focus is on the sneakers matching the theme .. but then props have to go to EZ for hanging out of a hot air balloon... and also dregs and sneaker for great compositions.. i just think that FC's sums up the theme more.
well done to everyone aswell, really interesting pictures, thanks to the mods, It would be great to do this once a month or summin...
and i'll make sure i get the sneak in focus next time Wink

RE: "Movement" voting - mr.pure - 02-09-10

Please, please do.
I would've straight up made that the winner if it had been.

[/Tough on photos. Tough on the causes of photos !]

RE: "Movement" voting - Squeaky - 02-09-10

(02-09-10, 12:11 PM)mr.spite Wrote:  whose the 3 moderators? whats moving about EZ`s photo. (no offence EZ). what times dinner..........Confused

Also no offence but what's moving about sneaker52's pic? My vote goes to EZ!

Edit: I think it's taken from a moving car, right?