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Adidas Safety - rstylz - 03-08-10

So I work in a warehouse and we have to wear steel toe shoes. I've had converse sneakers for a year and need new ones. In my searches for a real comfortable shoe for work, I came across some Superstar steel toe shoes. It was like a dream come true. So I searched on the,,, they were all sold out. ordered a pair and my order has been "pending" since May. (which i'm skeptical of the authenticity) they send me the wrong shoes. Just frustrating. I realize I'm new to the site and maybe early for asking questions, but I'm pretty baffled. I'm not asking anyone to do the work for me, but if anyone can maybe point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. If i'm out of line for posting this, I sincerely apologize. Thanks guys.

RE: Adidas Safety - streak - 04-08-10

So... you were rmacki then. Weren't you banned? Confused

RE: Adidas Safety - rstylz - 04-08-10


RE: Adidas Safety - streak - 04-08-10

yes.. you have the same IP address..

care to explain?

RE: Adidas Safety - mr.pure - 04-08-10

You think we stupid.
You wrong !
If you're a size 10 I can sell you some Superstar Safety's for £60.

[/tick, tock]

RE: Adidas Safety - nikosg - 04-08-10

I was wondering why he was so over polite!!! Didn't put much thought into a new name ay

RE: Adidas Safety - rstylz - 04-08-10

Its true. I can't lie. I was rmacki. I came right in and started asking questions. I fight with my girlfriend often and had when I came home to all the replies and I took my frustration out on you guys, so I got myself banned for life. Thought I was slick and came back under a different name. I tried too hard. I genuinely do enjoy the site and do have a genuine interest in collecting more. I do have 4 pair. The 2 i took pictures of are at my house and the other 2 are at my father's house. I guess i lied about how many cuz i wanted to be accepted and didnt wanna come across as some bozo looking for an easy way to find the sneakers he wants. I failed at that. I apologize for insulting all of you and for insulting the forum. If you want to ban me again, I do understand. I also apologize for asking for help. I havent earned it yet, so i shouldnt have expected it. Maybe i'll be able to post again, maybe not. Whatever happens, I'll understand, but I am sorry.

RE: Adidas Safety - flyingcod - 04-08-10

Dirty fibber.

fc advocates bringing back public stonings

RE: Adidas Safety - streak - 04-08-10

Sorry but liars are not wanted on this forum.


RE: Adidas Safety - Marco82 - 04-08-10

Just a matter of time till rhonest joins the SSDB Smile

RE: Adidas Safety - cracky - 05-08-10

rsole would be a better name choice.

RE: Adidas Safety - Marco82 - 05-08-10

^ Laughing

RE: Adidas Safety - einzigartig adidas - 05-08-10

This fool posted the same damn apology in two separate threads? Seriously, ruthatfookinstupid?

RE: Adidas Safety - Old Gregg - 06-08-10

He must really want those safetys Very Happy

RE: Adidas Safety - Sneakerphile - 06-08-10

Shouldn't this thread be deleted by now?