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i'm - mrFRANK - 30-01-10

hi people i've been having a look about and found superstars come in all different varietys(vins,lim,pt,,,etc) and was wondering whats the difference's between them ...cheers folks

RE: i'm - mr.pure - 30-01-10

I's have a thin tongue.
II's have a fat tongue.
Vins have a thin padded tongue and a tapered sole unit.
Skates are fat all over.
80s are like a cross between a Vin and a I.
Vulcans are nasty.
2.5s are gash.
2Gs will get you shot.
Super-Modifieds will get you run out of town.

*Edit. Cheers Crackski.

RE: i'm - cracky - 30-01-10

And 80's are fantastic! Oh and vulcs, the less said about those the better!

RE: i'm - flyingcod - 30-01-10

(30-01-10, 10:13 PM)mr.pure Wrote:  Vins have a thin padded tongue and a tapered sole unit.

That's it! That's why I don't care much for the vins. Nail on head. Very Happy

fc wants to like them

RE: i'm - mr.pure - 30-01-10

Yeah but they oddly comfortable.

RE: i'm - sab - 30-01-10

OH MY GOD, I have been dying to ask that for an age...................

RE: i'm - mr.pure - 30-01-10

There are other differences but those are the main ones.
You could probably add the LTOs now as they seem to be a recurring theme.
As are the Luxs.

RE: i'm - flyingcod - 30-01-10

I was looking at a pair t'other week and I like the shell and general frontness of the vin.

But it's that "rear" bit. confused4

fc at a loose end

RE: i'm - mr.pure - 30-01-10

Suck a pair and see how you feel.
You'll love 'em.

RE: i'm - mrFRANK - 31-01-10

cheers man i agree the vulc's are whack ...and.. Defo loving the 8o's (sorted spaces zero's still unavailable Sad )

RE: i'm - Lorrie - 31-01-10

Fucking Vins and 80s are the only pairs worth wearing and the finest pairs ever made are vins.

And skates are puffy and hot.

RE: i'm - GeeBee - 31-01-10

80s look a bit beaky from some angles. Shell overbite.
Vins just look perfect.

RE: i'm - mrFRANK - 31-01-10

i'm defo with lorrie vins and 8o's are my way forward cheers again for ya time and help peps Smile

RE: i'm - Squeaky - 31-01-10

One other thing about the vins. They have 8 holes for the laces (normally 7 and sometimes even 6) and a shorter shell. O yeah, the heel/rear is lower. That causes your feet to sometimes slip out of the shoe. Especially when they are new and a bit stiff.

RE: i'm - mr.pure - 31-01-10

Yeah, there are loads of differences between the styles.
The difference can be told from the information in the first post though.
Didn't see the point in listing ALL the differences.
We'd be here all week and it would get boring.