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Rasta - pbfanatic123 - 11-09-09

Hey guys, I have been trying to find a pair of Superstar 2 Rastas for a lonnnngggg time but I honestly do not think you can buy them anymore. Someone please help! And yes, I did find some at shell-toes but they did not have my size Sad

I'm a US 12.5!

[Image: adidas20superstar20220rasta20blackll4.jpg]

RE: Rasta - mr.pure - 11-09-09

That's because they only sell fakes and they don't bother making fakes in a size 12.
Ebay, only.
Good luck.

RE: Rasta - pbfanatic123 - 11-09-09

(11-09-09, 11:16 PM)mr.pure Wrote:  That's because they only sell fakes and they don't bother making fakes in a size 12.
Ebay, only.
Good luck.

Alright man thanks for the fast reply and information.

And do you know if JD Sports is a legit site?

RE: Rasta - mr.pure - 11-09-09

Where are you from ?

RE: Rasta - pbfanatic123 - 11-09-09

Lol South London why?

RE: Rasta - mr.pure - 11-09-09

Wasn't born yesterday, sorry.

RE: Rasta - cracky - 11-09-09

What happened there then?

RE: Rasta - mr.pure - 11-09-09

I'm trigger happy this evening.


Got one bullet left and I'm thinking about using it.

RE: Rasta - jam - 11-09-09

So is he actually from south london, and did you ban him because hes retarded or something else? Confused

RE: Rasta - mr.pure - 11-09-09

He's from the states, he's been a member before, with virtually the same name, he was a prick then, he didn't introduce himself, he was being a lazy, stupid, cunt.
I banned him again.
He won't be back and even if he does, I'll find out.

RE: Rasta - DasBill - 11-09-09

Damn, you're fast! Shocked

RE: Rasta - mr.pure - 12-09-09

Can't be arsed with these idiots anymore.
We ain't a fucking search engine, we don't hold people's hands and we don't wipe arses.
Lazy fucks are gonna get swift retribution from now on.

RE: Rasta - DasBill - 12-09-09

Maybe we should put that on the start page? Laughing

RE: Rasta - mr.pure - 12-09-09

Could do.


RE: Rasta - Lorrie - 12-09-09

Damn. Totally missed this one. Excellent ban