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Pages: 1 2 - Kobe - 30-07-09

Was in the PUMA store Bristol the other day, and they had an exhibition of one pair of this guys trainers, Just look at his website and there is some good stuff, if you like PUMA. Also a couple of custom adidas (check out the gallery section of the page)

Just thought i'd share, well worth a look

RE: - mr.pure - 30-07-09

Nice chap too.

RE: - Shellshock - 30-07-09

The first pair, the green ones with the bubbles on them: Sick! Might have to bit that colour scheme for my next piece Laughing (I'm jokin!)

RE: - jam - 31-07-09

Ide love a pair of them pro models on there.
Aint gonna happen. Sad

RE: - nikosg - 31-07-09

cool stuff Smile

RE: - mr.pure - 31-07-09

I didn't see any Pro Models.


RE: - flyingcod - 31-07-09

That site would be perfect for


RE: - GeeBee - 31-07-09

Those pro models are nice though - grey concrete, who'd a thought it?

RE: - steve-o - 31-07-09

look freaking sweet!

think I've seen "concrete" coloured spray paint at the local hardware store hahaha

RE: - mr.pure - 31-07-09


RE: - super sk8 - 31-07-09

[Image: s-30-ConcretePros03.jpg]

[Image: s-30-ConcretePros04.jpg]


RE: - DasBill - 31-07-09

see now theres some "concrete shoes" id like! Cool

Some good stuff on there

RE: - mr.pure - 31-07-09

I looked everywhere on that site, even in the corners and could I find 'em ?
No I fucking couldn't !

RE: - streak - 01-08-09

RE: - mr.pure - 01-08-09

Aaaaah, that's why.
I didn't notice the need to scroll sideways.
Badly designed layout.
Not my fault.