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Adicolor Century Lo BK3 Crooked Tongues - andyaj - 09-03-07


Im a newb here and jumped over from a nike rift site (pre chav era of rifts Laughing ) at

I was wanting a bit more info on the Adicolor Century Lo BK3 Crooked Tongues. Ive got quite a few nice pairs of adidas kicks and faniced a pair of these. I can imagine that ebay is jammed full of snides but as these were a CT release, assumed they wouldnt bother faking them.

I bought these on the bay but the guy seems to have been selling a load of fake ian browns according to another post on here, so was wondering...

1. Have these been faked?

2. Were they a limited run or something?

I bought this auction and they look ok, im normally ok with spotting snides but these i wanted a bit of help on.

Have i dropped a bollock here or was the fool selling real and fake kicks?

Any help/info grately appreciated.



- the_marsbar - 09-03-07

they were definately limited. and as far as i know the crooked tongues shoes/track tops sold out real quickly.

that being said, i've still seen some webshops selling them for about 80-100?.

imo they'd be hard to fake because of the crooked tongues features. but again, who knows. i've learned that probably everything can be faked if wanted.

i'm sure there's more people ready to help, i'm not really an expert on this area yet.

- mr.pure - 09-03-07

Apparently they were faked.


Best off contacting CT direct.

- andyaj - 09-03-07

Its a shame, but im really suprised that they'd fake a limited small run Sad

- mr.pure - 09-03-07

Well there was more of those than any of the Consortiums from 2005 and they all got faked.

- Effel - 10-03-07

Faked non stop. Not hard to wack some velcro on some tongues.

- the_marsbar - 10-03-07

Effel Wrote:Faked non stop. Not hard to wack some velcro on some tongues.

but it wouldn't work as well on the fakes i assume?

- mr.pure - 10-03-07

Why not ?

- the_marsbar - 10-03-07

mr.pure Wrote:Why not ?

dunno i just thought it wouldn't be as perfect as the real deal Smile

but you're probably right Razz

- mr.pure - 10-03-07

If you'd ever seen some Consortium fakes up beside some real Consortiums you'd be amazed.
Took me a good half hour to start spotting the actual differences between the two shoes.

- Teaj - 10-03-07

The BK3s have been faked, and unfortunately your pair are one of them.

The seller is on our Fake Seller List.

I think the fake BK3s are supplied laced up as in the photo on your auction....not sure why and it's not exactly hard for the sellers to change, but worth pointing out.