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Lastest SS Release - becks7 - 23-02-07

Ive just seen these on sneakersnstuff website link below

SS white

SS black

- sin`pl - 23-02-07

wohoah at the price! i can get same pair for 50 eur.

- dj_wildthing - 23-02-07

I just love those SS1s, they are the ultimate classics!!!


- mr.pure - 23-02-07

They're havin' a laugh at that price int they ?


- woody - 23-02-07

How are these the "latest SS release" Question

- mr.pure - 24-02-07

Yeah, what have you been smokin' Becks ?
Are Forest playing particularly badly at the moment and you are having a psychotic break ?


- becks7 - 24-02-07

woody Wrote:How are these the "latest SS release" Question

Well i didnt know what to put for the subject Embarassed

Lets not talk about Forest Confused

No im feeling great mr.p thanks for asking Laughing

- Sooper - 25-02-07

Yeah there nice but the price isnt thats 50 nicker a pair not cheap in my opinion! Confused

- olstar - 26-02-07

i want some of these real bad, i dont have many SS1..

Not at that price tho! Laughing