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Hi from the UK - ZZEN - 07-02-19

Came late into Superstar ownership. Born the same year they were released!! Finally bit the bullet and bought a pair six months ago and now own four pairs. I can see how the collecting starts Laughing 

Came across this site whilst looking for details on fakes. I've purchased three pairs online, two from sellers on ebay and one from a sports shop online.

Ironically the first pair I bought from a "reputable" shop are the pair in question. Anyway. I'll post separately on this for your opinions.

Good to be here and the detail I've come across so far is great.

RE: Hi from the UK - mr.pure - 11-02-19

Welcome Zzen.
Yeah, post pictures and we'll take a look.
Depends what they are but we should have some sort of an idea.

RE: Hi from the UK - olstar - 16-02-19


Welcome to the forum

RE: Hi from the UK - olskool720 - 04-04-19