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Anyone on SSDB that lives in Spain?

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Hi All,

I'm heading to Spain for two weeks in June.
Was wondering if there was any SSDB members that live there.

Family is doing a two week bus tour across/through the country. Departing from Madrid and ending up in Barcelona.  Too bad that it's during the off season of La Liga, but still hoping to do tours of the world famous football stadiums (among other things of course).
Hey dude... I dont use the site as much as I should, but a quick scan of the member list and only one user specific they were from spain but he hasn't posted since 09
I need more lemon pledge...  Very Happy

iTweet - iRant
I love Barcelona, what time in June?
3rd weekend in june is Sonar festival. always a great week to be in Barca if you're into techno / electronic music.
the football stadium there is really impressive, I liked it and I have zero interest in the actual game. a few quality sneaker shops in the city as well Smile
Yep, I will be there around that time, but nope, not into that music style. I definitely do plan to visit Camp Nou and to be entranced by the majesty of where some of the greatest football in the world is played. Sneaker shops, hmmm, I'm sure that I'll find some.
Limiteditions is in the gothic bit just off la rambla, excellent shop. loads others scattered about but that one stood out for me
I've been buying 3stripe football boots (indoor/futsal) lately, so will probably be more on the prowl of some model not sold in the USA versus buying Supes.
Have a good holiday Lance, superstars are terrible at the moment you do right collecting footie boots.
With God's help I'll conquer this terrible affliction.

Hey, would it be better for me to buy a Europe outlet adapter in the USA and take with me or buy one there?
I'm not even sure what type of plug/oulet style that is used in Spain.

Any help would be much appreciated.

2 round pins in spain... 230 volt. (think the states has a lower voltage for their equipment? dunno, but any adapter bought in the states should include any voltage adapter)
prob best to get an adapter at the airport on the way to spain, saves time and hassle when you land innit.
good tips, thanks thumbright
also take a 4 way extension lead with ya.. then you only need the one adaptor and the whole fam can charge their stuff Smile

im assuming your hiring a car while in spain?, I could be wrong but I think all cigarette lighters are the same world wide so take your carphone charger.

or maybe one of these... bottom option is good for future stuff as its got world wide plug adaptors Smile

[Image: Rondaful-font-b-Power-b-font-font-b-Stri...t-with.jpg]

[Image: 41qn1Ye6SCL._SY355_.jpg]
Whew. Finally back from Spain.  20 days visiting Madrid and Cordoba and Valencia and Sevilla and Peniscola and Barcelona and Zaragoza.  A fantastic vacation away from the USA.  I did buy something similar to that power strip.  It worked perfect!!!

Had to share this picture.  This was the fitting room in an adidas store in Madrid!!!

I have to say this about Spain...those people love their Superstars.  I saw them everywhere!!!!  I mean literally.  With white/black being the most commonly worn one.  It was jaw dropping to me to see them so abundantly versus what I see here in the USA.  As a matter of fact, I rarely saw N*k# trainers while over there.  Rarely.

But anyways, had an awesome time and was ready to cancel my flight back home and just live there.  20 days of vacation really does spoil you and opens your eyes to how we all get in a routine in our normal lives. Very refreshing.

[Image: IMAG0359_zpsxmcjzznz.jpg]

Oh, and this was the only speciality store that I found.  It was in Madrid.  It had some Supes, but nothing that I needed.

[Image: IMAG0365_zpsjxp38tos.jpg][url=http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc179/ebermerced/IMAG0365_zpsjxp38tos.jpg][/url]

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