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What the Postman brung part 2.
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12-08-14, 05:33 PM #1,516
Guy242 Member ***
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Haha it is indeed mate thanks for the speedy delivery..! Hope the holidays a good one so far!

04-09-14, 09:34 PM #1,517
lexustek192 Senior Member ****
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Since I loved the Bedwin ZX500 so much took a chance on these ZX800s. Damn they are comfy. Trying not to make a collection out of these.

[Image: 03F7BE06-A8B2-489D-AA98-EE435C3F9D52_zpsgzmtstgo.jpg]

05-09-14, 09:08 PM #1,518
Fritze Posting Freak *****
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These are not really ZX 800's (although it's written on the side). They're more or less a ZX 850.

They're based on the ZX 800 DB (David Beckham) from the OByO Range which is an interpretation of the ZX 800 and which was the starting point for Adidas to produce the ZX 850.

Loads of nice ZX 850s coming out at the moment but loads of other nice shoes too. And cash is always limited Sad.

12-11-14, 04:54 PM #1,519
Big Vern Posting Freak *****
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oooooh arrived today and true beauties

[img][Image: 10658757_10152632850229864_2112072430062...c939ec.jpg][/img]

lovin' me terrace footwear.

15-11-14, 09:26 PM #1,520
Sweet_Kicks adidas *****
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They are quality, close to being my pick up of the year Cool

If you have £5 and Chuck Norris has £5, Chuck Norris has more money than you.

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