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The tongue label points to fake.
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07-02-19, 08:01 PM #1
ZZEN Junior Member **
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The images attached are the original Superstars I purchased around six months ago. I purchased some others recently and while I was checking they were legit, it became apparent my original, shop bought ones were suspect.

Firstly the PO number on the box doesn't match the number in the shoes. OK so the box could have been swapped. I then noticed the the serial number in each shoe is the same. This points to definite fakes.
Are there any cases of right and left shoes having the same serial number? Could it be a genuine mistake? If they are fake there a bloody good fake. There's nothing different compared to the others.
What do you think?

16-02-19, 10:38 PM #2
olstar Housekeeping *******
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Yeah thats suspect... id be taking them back to the store and asking the question!

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20-02-19, 08:09 PM #3
nic Member ***
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Mmmmmmm, back to the shop methinks!

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04-04-19, 05:18 PM #4
olskool720 Supposedly retired Supe buyer *****
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for regular ol' white with black stripes, you should be buying these from a regular store like Footlocker or Zappos or adidas.com. No risk at these places.

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