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uk8? - pukkabruv - 29-12-16

is there still many people on here that are a UK8? im gonna have a clear out of some of the pairs I doubled up on and some that i never wear, couple superstar skates. just thought id check on here before posting on the bay but don't remember many people that are that size.

RE: uk8? - Superstar_Luke - 30-12-16

Im a uk8 mate. What you thinking of shifting?

RE: uk8? - pukkabruv - 30-12-16

(30-12-16, 01:37 PM)Superstar_Luke Wrote:  Im a uk8 mate. What you thinking of shifting?

will rummage through the cupboard after the weekend, but off the top of me head, I got a few superstar skates, the woven ones (worn a couple times) O'Conner skates BNIB and the black bright green skates BNIB, also ian browns.. ermmm,  atmos 80s, crooked toungues 80s (worn once I think) transformer 80s also worn once.