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Introduction - iCon - 17-03-15

Hello my fellow Adidas Superstar freaks!

As a newbie at this forum, please let me introduce myself.

I'm Indonesian, 37 years old married man, graphic designer, huge Liverpool FC. fans, listening to hip-hop and hardcore music and an avid badminton player.

I started to wear Superstar since I was 16 and fall in love with this iconic sneaker until then but honestly I had no idea about the story nor history behind it and never give a damn whether or not I should keep it when worn out. Then comes the time when my lovely wife bought me a pair of that black with white stripes foundation model as my birthday gift. Looks like she caught me wearing that pair on a photograph where I was performing on stage with my band back in my college time. She said I looked great with the pair and here I am now, a newbie Superstar collector.

I wish I can get more helpful information about Superstar in this forum.

Thanks guys!

RE: Introduction - Shellshock - 18-03-15

Hello iCon and welcome to SSDB wave

RE: Introduction - Vortec - 18-03-15

Welcome aboard!

RE: Introduction - pukkabruv - 18-03-15


RE: Introduction - ez-1 - 18-03-15

Welcome iCon!
Nice intro thumbright

RE: Introduction - iCon - 18-03-15

(18-03-15, 09:42 AM)Shellshock Wrote:  Hello iCon and welcome to SSDB wave

Hello for you too brah. Thanks for the warm welcome

(18-03-15, 12:11 PM)Vortec Wrote:  Welcome aboard!

Thanks a lot mate!

(18-03-15, 12:28 PM)pukkabruv Wrote:  hello.

Hello. Nice to see you!

(18-03-15, 02:48 PM)ez-1 Wrote:  Welcome iCon!
Nice intro thumbright

Thanks mate. I really appreciate it

RE: Introduction - llcoolgee - 18-03-15


RE: Introduction - Superstar_Luke - 19-03-15

Welcome mate

RE: Introduction - lexustek192 - 20-03-15

Welcome aboard!!