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Would like to hear SK's take on this... - Tifoso - 05-12-12

Since its inception, I know that the sneaker business has been rife with companies emulating other companies' ideas and technologies but I feel like adidas should have let this one die and let N**e take the win on the whole "knit" thing. adidas is kind of coming off as wanna-bees, IMO, especially when N**e's execution seems a bit better. Take all that time and energy and money and put it toward something new. Other than a different manufacturing process, does the knit technology itself benefit the runner or is it just kind of a gimmick?

RE: Would like to hear SK's take on this... - Lorrie - 05-12-12

Bit of column A and a bit of column B. The number of runners who can actually wear trainers like that versus the number of us who plod along in a brand's mid range shoe is quite small.

Most runners have some type of issue (cushioning, stability, etc.) that precludes us from ever being able to use the sexiest tech, which is usually designed for a brand's premier athletes.

It's like the halo car concept: you want a Corvette, but can't afford it, so you buy a Cruz.

RE: Would like to hear SK's take on this... - benji - 05-12-12

Some of the high tops are beginning to very similar too. But when you look back to the late sixties basketball models, then all the brands looked the same, bar a few iconic differences like a shell.
Maybe it is just a natural feature in the evolution of design whether shoes, phones or cars etc.

RE: Would like to hear SK's take on this... - Shellshock - 05-12-12

Knitted? Shoes? Wha' de fuck a gwaan? Wink

RE: Would like to hear SK's take on this... - Sweet_Kicks - 05-12-12

I dont know too much about it to be honest, but from what i do Lorrie has pretty much covered. The benifits are basically a lighter and more breathable shoe, but the benefits of the particular shoes both brands are currently bringing out are as Z referred to......only really relevant for your serious amateur runners/pro's providing it suits their foot.

In terms of the technology, apparently is been around for donkeys years (since the 40's), why its taken until now to want to use it i dont know. So the argument is about the right to be able to use a widely known technology, though you will always have brands arguing over patents to certain styles/silhouettes (i.e. prime knit/fly knit). I think its more a general one than a brand v brand thing as it opens up the possibility for other brands to use it as well.

Not saying i'm right with any of the above, just my thoughts.....

Disclaimer: This is my own personal view/opinion and in no way implies the view/opinion/stance of adidas Very Happy