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** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - olstar - 14-11-07

HI guys Smile

As you no, we did the design comp a while back, and i have decided to use various logos around the site, as there were so many good ones made....

Id like to use manus's design, and maybe pirates if she ever finishes it Razz on some tee's and hoodies?

What do you think?

What items of clothing would you want?

I want a hoodie, and a large TEE making up...

But at the end of the day, its not just up to me! Wink

Let me know!

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - adidasanth - 14-11-07

Reckon a hoody and a tee could be the go!!!! XXL for me on both dude, rocking the xzibit look this winter. no skinny wear for old fat Anth!!!


RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - Lorrie - 14-11-07

i'd like a couple xxl t-shirts (and proper xxl, not italian xxl where i can't breathe in for fear of the shirt ripping)

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - becks7 - 14-11-07

Daft question to ask are these hoody's and t-shirt's going to be a baggy fit?

If they are not a baggy fit I'd be happy with a hoody - XL & a t-shirt - XLVery Happy

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - pokey27 - 14-11-07

Hoody and a tee for me both medium less its a big medium then the t-shirt will have to be a small

p.s will you be doing thongs ??? Surprised)

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - cracky - 14-11-07

hoody and a tee for me too, size large ( i hope).Laughing

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - borodave1973 - 14-11-07

Would like a hoody myself in large if its a generous fit if not an x large

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - manus - 14-11-07

What colours are you thinking Olstar?

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - olstar - 14-11-07


man.. i have no idea!! Laughing

anyone have any thoughts?? Smile


what do you think would look good?

obviously we can tailor the colours of the logos to suit whatever colour tops people like..


RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - adidasanth - 14-11-07

if you get enuff orders dude I reckon the following:

Grey,blue, black,white. Keep it in style with the actual logo.

will do sum digging and check out wholesale prices, got a few places in mind.

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - STi-JDM - 15-11-07

I'd like a large please! Very Happy hopefully the shipping won't kill it.

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - adidasanth - 15-11-07

i want a set for me and my good lady WITHOUT doubt and regardless of the cost, think its a great idea (mine I think)!!! Very HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery Happy

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - stylz - 15-11-07

I'll take a tee and a hoody, 2XL if it's loose fit 3XL if it's regular. Laughing

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - djpencil - 15-11-07

im glad im not the only fat bastard in here hahaha a t shirt in xxl would be great !!

RE: ** SuperstarDB Clothing Order ** - camnic1972 - 15-11-07

Will you be doing ladies skinny fit T's?
(Or a bikini??????)

P.S - I want an umbrella really!!!!!!!